ep 7 - Lt. Ash Tyler

I didn't expect for a time loop to be done from the perspective of someone who doesn't remember it happening, but I guess the romantic subplot makes it clear why they did that. Interesting. Said romantic plot also throws possible doubt into the minds of those of us who suspect Ash Tyler is really Voq.

I can see it going either of several ways from here. Everything from Ash is NOT Voq and truly cares for Michael to Ash = Voq but is developing respect for Michael to Ash = Voq and he's seeking to crush Burnham in every possible way (meaning also emotionally). The possibilities are endless, really.

There wasn't enough Stamets for me in this ep and I thought it was weird they just turned Mudd over to some civilians instead of having him arrested, but overall I enjoyed it. Looking forward to something that beats ep 5, but I definitely liked this one better than 6, so I'm good for now.