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Scandinavian murder mystery shows vs real life

This show 'Monster' is Norwegian but it kind of reminds me of the Swedish series 'Henning Mankell's Wallander', (there is also a British remake with Kenneth Brannagh) and the Danish show "The Killing ".
What is sort of amusing to me is that in real life, these countries have so few murders, but in books and TV shows, even a small town has like murders every day. I looked up the murder rate for Norway, and in 2014 they had 29 murders, in the WHOLE COUNTRY.
That's a quiet saturday night in Chicago.
But in the tv show, I am only on episode 4, and there have been like 4 murders already (onscreen) , plus a mass grave with lots more victims. In a tiny little remote town.

What do you think accounts for this genre of Nordic Noir?
I feel like these Scandinavian countries are the most civilized on earth, the most safe and have very high standard of living. High life expectancy, high literacy and education. For 2017, Norway was ranked as the overall happiest country in the world, Close behind are Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.
But they also seem kind of obsessed with the dark side.
Maybe a very safe country gets boring or something so they need fictional crime to watch on tv or read in books? Is it their violent viking ancestors peeking through into the collective subconscious?