Farewell guys :'(

I hate to admit this, but people who love to troll, insult, bash, swear are the ones that let this happen! I'm very sad to hear that it's shutting down, message board is my favorite section on IMDB.. :(

I feel that I'm losing a member of my family, without the message board, IMDB is nothing

Feeling very disappointed, even though I truly confess that the haters annoyed me the whole way through but all of the users, I mean everyone, indirectly taught me how to do better in sarcasm, jokes, antics, banter and I swear to God, you guys made my days cause I laughed so hard that once in a while, my stomach ache (a good thing).

I used to be weak at sarcasm when involving a chat with friends but since I have used this application for 2 years, it keeps getting better and better.

Hate to say this but goodbye users. Hope we can talk again after this.

Farewell, message board of IMDB. :')


Not anymore