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"Will EASILY make over 600 million!"

How's that workin' for ya, bill brown?


Doesn't look like it's going to be that "easy", huh? It better explode in China!


As of three days ago, it was over 450 million worldwide. The weekend numbers haven't come in, but let's say it earns another 50 million this weekend. At that point, it only needs 100 million to hit 600. It will be released in China August 24th and Marvel movies are about as big over there as they are in the US. Do you honestly believe, it won't make at least 100 million more?


Do you honestly think it's earning 50 million this weekend?


Do you know what a hypothetical situation is?

Let's break it down another way and I'll be super generous to you this time around. As of August 16th, which was this past Thursday, it has made $451,383,178. Let's assume no one anywhere in the world saw the movie this weekend (even though it opened last week in some countries). Let's also assume that from now until this Friday when it opens in China, no one will see the movie, meaning that no one on the ENTIRE PLANET will see this movie for a solid week. It will then rely exclusively on China to hit 600 mil (and we're assuming that the rest of the planet continues to not watch the movie). It will need to make $148,616,822 in China to hit 600 million. Do you think this movie will be unable to make a measly $148,616,822 in China? You realize China was the country that bumped Spider-Man Homecoming past Wonder Woman, making it the highest grossing CBM movie of 2017. China loves these movies.


Ahh it hasn't been released in China? That makes sense, I was looking at the numbers and was shocked by how it hasn't reached the numbers of the 1st film. So faar every sequel to the main characters has made more than the first installment: Iron Man 2, Thor 2, Winter Soldier, Guardians 2, etc. I think this one came out too close to Infinity War. People are still talking about Infinity War, maybe if they had released this in the fall it may have done better.


It's already made more than the first Ant-Man, if I recall. It certainly opened to higher numbers. Anyway, it's currently hovering at $465 mil and will hit China on Friday. It's doing okay. Ant-Man is a c-list comic hero and his movie counterpart isn't yet an Avenger so it was never meant to do massive numbers. 600 million will turn it into a modest success.


It has a couple markets left to open in and it still running in some others as well. Its at 458 WW now and that is with most foreign totals being last checked on the 8/12 for BOM. Unless China really comes under expectation its still looking at 600 mil +.


According to Box Office Mojo, the Sunday estimate is at $465,558,650. With it opening in China this coming Friday, it's on the fast track to 600 mil. DCEUFanaticAss disappeared a long time ago. I kinda figured Queenie was going to stay gone but I guess she wanted to pop back in for a little mockery.


You probably shouldn't be so cocky, I mean, lets look at your predictions and see how they've worked out:

1). You claimed it wouldn't beat the original Ant-Man domestically

Reality = AMATW is now $28million ahead of the first movie

2). You claimed it wouldn't beat Solo domestically, but at least it wouldn't be as big a disaster as Solo around the rest of the world

Reality = AMATW is now only only $5million from equalling Solo domestically

You've got ZERO reason to think you've got anything to boast about, why not go lap up another Scot Mendelson article, he's only slightly less informed than you.



She ran away from this thread fast. She barely even defended her stance.


I have no clue how Queen thinks they'll get away with trying to mock people, whilst having similar outlandish claims posted on this forum.

Its as if they have ZERO self awareness whatsoever.

Its just bizarre behaviour


Meanwhile, DCEU is back for more abuse. I wonder if they get together and figure out trolling-shifts.


Looks like it'll be big in China as predicted. "...Ant-Man and the Wasp is set for a $65 million haul in its first three days at the box office in China. Feng notes that at this point Ant-Man and the Wasp is outpacing Spider-Man: Homecoming in advance ticket sales, and Spider-Man: Homecoming opened in China to $71.4 million..."


I hope they are right. This movie deserves success.


You are a strange person.


That's an insult to persons.


do you ever LEARN QUEEN?

all you had to do was wait 5 more days???

AM2 was opening in China on the 24th....

all you had to do was just not troll for 5 more days .....wait for the China results and could have avoided this embarrassment

News FLASH QUEEN.....AM2 is heading toward a 70 Million dollar OW in China...the biggest opening weekend for a SOLO SH film in history....

lol 600 Million is Guaranteed!

5 days thats all....did you not know when AM2 was opening in China?...I just find it astonishing that you PICKED the worst possible time to make this EPIC failure of a should have made this thread a month ago, that was you would at least have 30 days before it failed miserably....

Instead you make it 5 days before AM2 OPENS to the biggest SH SOLO opening ever in China guaranteeing a 600 M+ gross!

Its Almost Like someone Hijacked your account and Intentionally Made this thread at the absolute WORST Possible Time.....

Like, I sitting here trying to put myself in your mind and figure out what you saw or what you were thinking 5 days ago that made you confident to make this thread.....and FOR The Life of me I cant not figure out WHY YOU.....

A. Made this thread and felt confident AM2 WAS NOT GOING to make 600 Million +

and B. Why in the hell you made this thread 5 days before the film was set to open in China....

seriously, I'm asking Honestly, the damage is done, this thread is an EPIC failure, you pathetically JUMPED the GUN once again and It came back to Humiliate you....but Its done, So I'm asking honestly, Please tell me, what The Hell was going through your mind 5 days ago that caused you to make this ALL TIME failure of a thread....

AM2 has been out for almost 2 months, You had at least the last month to make thread, whats possessed you to Make this thread 5 days before AM2 was set to open in China? did you just truly NOT KNOW AM2 was opening in 5 days?

or did you actually in fact Know AM2 was opening, but Worse lacked all box office knowledge to anticipate where AM2 was going to end up?

I'm totally astonished at the TIMING at this horrifically FAILED ATTEMPT at trolling....

It seems that Literally Everyone in The Box Office World, was waiting on AM2 to open in China and Understood that A China Opening was going to be the SOLE factor on AM2 passing 600 M+....

Literally all box office sites, Mojo,, forbes and All Analysts....Understood this but you!....Instead you Make A Thread 5 days before AM2 is set to open in China declaring "Nope Billbrown was wrong and AM2 isnt making 600 Million+".....Meanwhile the rest of the world Laughs at you for being too dumb to wait for China.....

judging Queens Epic fails on a scale from 1 to 10.......solid 9 here!

Hell This is probably a 10.....

Your "AM2 isnt making has much as AM1 domestically" thread is a solid 9.....This one though is a 10!


Hey Queen just wanted to add insult to injury here....

^New article from Forbes Forecasting where AM2 will end up...and what do you know, its exactly where I and all other sites and analysts predicted...OVER 600 MILLION+

the worst part about this is....You had the exact data and a similar article Forbes made a month detailing that ONCE AM2 debuts in China its heading towards a 600 M+ gross.....Yet somehow either you just didnt understand it or worse YOUR TROLLING just got the best of you resulting in this EPIC failure of a thread you made 5 days before the film opened in China....


You are now 0 for 3 when in comes to AM2....

First you embarrassingly claimed "AM2 wouldnt out gross AM1 domestically"(this claim truly astonishes me considering AM2 opened nearly 20 M higher than AM1, how you ever thought AM2 wouldnt top AM1 is truly beyond me)

then once you started realizing AM2 was going to easily top desperately changed your trolling to "AM2 wont out gross SOLO domestically" Which It WILL

and Finally something went through your head 5 days ago that made you created A thread declaring AM2 wouldnt top 600 M+(again this is A total stunner to me because I just can not believe the TIMING of this thread, To Make this thread 5 days before AM2 was set to open in China is Just Stupidity beyond ALL comprehension)

anyways Just wanted to point out, you took yet Another Beating.....I'm sure you thought you might have some success on the AM2 board after it opened to 75 M....I'm sure you got your hopes up...but like usual, YOU WERE WRONG about every single thing you said and AM2 Exceeded ALL YOUR PREDICTIONS....

So I'm just gonna add the AM2 board to your every growing list of BOards you massively failed on...

Justice League
Thor Ragnarok
Star Wars TLJ
Black Panther
Pacific Rim 2
Tomb Raider
Infinity War
Ready Player One
Tomb Raider
Deadpool 2
Infinity War
Jurassic World 2
and Now Ant Man 2

Lol You tried Trolling and making countless troll threads on everyone of these boards and In ALL cases they ALL backfired and failed miserably resulting in SHAME and embarrassment for you

lol to be fair you did have some success of the SOLO and Wrinkle Boards....but lets be honest that couldnt have brought you too much joy, not when your FEW Successes are ALL DRASTICALLY outnumbered by Horrific failures!

basically in the last year you've tried trolling 18 different boards, and Horrifically failed in 16 of the 18!

your pretty much FAILING 95% of the time you are TROLLING....I must say, I've seen some awful trolls in my day....But I truly cant think of a case or troll that has FAILED quite like you, specifically YOUR Percentage and Frequency of trolling and failing...

Like Its almost not Possible to fail as much as your failing.....even AWFUL trolls get some right, Maybe like 10 or 20% of the things they troll about actual hit....but YOU SEEM to be ONLY hitting on an impossible like 5% of the things you say....

I'm seriously Not sure someone could Be That Awful if the intentionally tried.....

Like really, If 10 people did a year long experiment, where they decided replicate your trolling, where they were going to go to 18 different boards and post/reply in over 1000 comments, If they intentionally tried to make absurd TROLLING Posts for a year straight....

I really dont think at the end of the year ...their results would be as bad as YOURS....

I bet they would have hit on about 15 to 20% of the absurd Trolling they did....

think about that, queen....Your so awful at trolling, I truly do not believe someone could troll as bad as you if they intentionally tried!


As of August 29: $545,084,556 and still hasn't opened in Japan.


AM&TW has only one weekend in China right now and yes even with a limited run in China the Box Office will push AM&TW over $600 Million.


Doesn't look like it's going to be that "easy", huh? It better explode in China!


JUST WANTED TO GIVE AN UPDATE--- AM2 Will in fact EASILY top 600 MILLION+by Tuesday, just thought you would want to know queen.....

PS. It didnt even really "Explode" in China and still TOPPED 600 Million +....sure its having an outstanding run in China, where it will end somewhere between 120 to 130 Million....But I was referring to a 150 Million + Run in China as but I guess thats what happens when AM2 ended up having stronger legs domestically and better overseas grosses than expected, IN THE END AM2 didnt need to explode in China to top 600 Million+....Just have the Normal 100 M+ MCU run in China was enough

this was a NIGHTMARE weekend for you queen as as ALL HOPE is now gone

AM2 Will pass SOLO domestically tomorrow(you 100% said for sure AM2 would not top SOLO,Even hilariously questioned if it would MATCH AM1s domestic gross)

Next, AM2 is now at 594 Million WW....With another 20 to 25 Million left in China, Plus 10 to 15 Million from Japan....bottom line, AM2 Will EASILY top 600 M WW just as I and many others predicted but of course queen, you JUST had to make a troll thread where he predicted a 540 Million total and tried to make fun of me and other for predicting 600 M ....

thoughts queen on being wrong about every single thing you predicted about AM2?


I'm wondering if DCEU will try to make another comeback now that it's hit 600 million.