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I hope that Luis isn't a victim of Thanos!



Now that I think about it, I say his chances of surviving the Snap are 50/50. I agree though, Luis should stay intact. :) But as much as I would hate to see that happen, the thought of him disappearing just as he’s about to say something funny - or even better, he reacts to his disintegration only like Luis would - amuses me a lil’ bit.

I do hope he isn’t a victim of the snap. Him and Scott being the only two characters left at the end would be impactful (it will be no matter who is left standing).


We don't see, but "others" certainly turn to dust.

And considering Doctor Strange is going to turn back time and bring everyone back it won't really matter.



Fortunately it didn’t happen to Luis! That was a close one, wasn’t it? :) Whew!
Ok, fine.... Luis’s fate simply wasn’t shown, so he presumably survived Thanos’s snap (or not).

I suppose we won’t know for sure until Avengers 4, and that’s if Scott mentions him or if Luis even appears in the film (nothing’s confirmed for Pena yet and it’s unlikely he’ll be in it, but man I would love to see his character interact with one of the Avengers). Whatever happened to him and the others, my best to the funny X-Con homie!


Ohhhhh... is THAT what happened? Thank you, because I was wondering what the heck the after credits scene meant.

Doesn't make sense it got ALL of them which I expected one or two to be left behind. Might as well have gotten Antman too & achieve the perfecta.