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Why was the gardener running at Chris?

It makes for an unsettling and intimidating moment, but I'm thinking that because the gardener was possessed by the old man in the promotional video that Chris sees later, maybe the old man just saw a random black guy in his yard that he had to subdue for the "process", and ran full pelt towards him to rugby-tackle him to do so. Only when he saw it was Chris at the last second did he veer away, thinking "nope, not this one, we've got him sorted already". Maybe it was the old man who kidnapped the black man at the beginning of the movie?


I doubt it was that complicated

The old man just enjoys running with his younger body and does it because he can

He ran at Chris to freak him out, because the old man still bears a lot of hostility towards blacks in general

The hostility was evident the next morning when he actually spoke to Chris for the first time. In behind-the-scenes materials, the actor explained it as a combination of hostility and "having a big secret you want to tell."


Maybe there was a glitch occuring (like when they get exposed to a flash) and the trapped man had control over his own body for a short time and thus running towards Chris to warn him. In the last second grandpa got in control once again.


Jesus Christ.

The film EXPLICITLY states that the old man had been an Olympic runner who lost to a black athlete.

So he transplants his brain into a strong young black body and continues to do running training.

The movie isn’t that complicated.


hahahaa details that went over people's heads . . .


^^This^^ He lost to Jesse Owens in the Olympics and never got over it.


Forrest Gump was asked a similar question once and he responded that he “just felt like running!!!”

Same applies here, I’d guess.