He isn't transgender

If he was forcibly turned into a woman...this is so stupid haha "from hitman to hitwoman" no, still a dude who was assaulted it seems. This is some seriously uncreative sh** but it's hollywood so idk why I'm surprised.


Well it does follow a plot line from many "Transporn" stories. Normally such plot lines don't appear in mainstream movie theaters. They are fantasies.

Yes, let me emphasize your post, this is not the case of being Transgender. This person never wanted or thought he was a woman either before or after surgery. He was assaulted by this doctor and you can hardly even say he was "turned into a woman", at best one can say he was mutilated in a peculiar way to appear as a woman.

Frankly I will not ever watch this movie and I hope that people are not mislead into thinking the incorrect ideas.


Exactly. Sadly it's being marketed as a movie about a transgender person...I saw some article about it which led me here, then I read the plot and made this post. There are already enough misconceptions about what being transgender means, stupid movies like this don't help but again, can't say I'm surprised haha

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People will definitely misconstrue it. It's just sloppy on everyone's part. The social climate is not conducive for a film like this to be making the rounds. I'm unimpressed, and that's being generous. The film itself may not in it's nature be "problematic" so to speak, since it's not about a trans* person - but since there's so little education out there about trans* people (and a lot of people regarding GRS as "mutilation" already), it's pure idiocy that no one thought this would be an issue.

The best part though, is that they cast a female to play the lead role. Hollywood constantly insists on casting cis men to play transwomen instead of transwomen or cis women (insinuating that transwomen are really men), and yet, they cast a (cis) women here?

Bunch of bloody tossers.



he's a man in a woman's body so... he's a trans-man? ;)
i'm not sure what to think of it, the trailer looks quite exciting but i guess it would be a better movie without the gender assignment surgery (just a hitwoman going about her business with some other reason?). i'm not sure it's offensive to trans people, though, but i haven't heard any comments from these people yet.
it's a touchy subject to take on, but it's not a serious drama movie or something, and not a comedy ridiculing trans people, either, so i'm not sure it's too bad - but i haven't seen it, so, i don't know. i really don't know what to think about this ;)

i do wonder why they didn't cast a transwoman, though. yeah, the character's not a transwoman, but he's not a cis woman, either, so... i don't know.

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