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Lori Madison SPOILERS

I was shocked and stunned, but it had all been set up so well: the humiliation of the gang bang that her agent approved, her recidivist drug problem, her so-called “man/agent” . . . I once interviewed a legit major adult star and her husband, and we talked about the propensity for self-destruction in the adult industry. He told me about the boyfriends/agents who all stole from their girlfriends and cheated on them, and left them. I asked him what kind of background these guys had. He said, “They have a background in nothing.”

I actually applauded when she put the coke vial back in her purse. After it all: the gangbang, the poverty, the self-loathing, she found some self-respect. And then she blew her brains out.

If you think that watching Times Square porn videos will tell you more about this history than The Deuce, your right hand and your penis must be married to each other. This series has been about economic imperatives (profits from a burgeoning adult entertainment industry and profits from the gentrification/Disneyfication of Times Square) and the human emotional repercussions of the self-degredation and -abnegation of being in The Life. I DEFY you to find any of that the on your Times Square era VHS tapes, Bubba.


As soon as she put Candy's credit card down on the dresser I knew that was it. Only a few minutes later did I connect that she probably turned that last trick in order to pay Candy back.

The series is reminiscent of Boogie Nights, a film ostensibly about one man's rise and fall in the porn industry, but in reality more like fictional history painting a picture of a fascinating and pivotal time period for the industry, and its effect on the people in and around it.