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Maggie is the new Skylar (Spoilers)

Just like Skylar from Breaking Bad was awful and annoying every time she was onscreen, Maggie has assume that role on The Ranch.

You've been married to the guy for 40 years and now all of sudden you don't like him? He's the same guy he was 40 years ago.

You want to sell off the ranch because he doesn't want to give a share of it to Rooster but you don't offer any ownership of your bar to your kids. Why not let Colt and Rooster run your bar if you don't want them going down their father's footsteps?

I understand a TV show needs conflict to make it interesting but she is just awful to watch.


I thought the similarity to which you were referring was to Skylar's ever-changing, artificially filled face season after season. I didn't even recognize Debra Winger until I heard her wonderful voice. Why???? She had such beautiful eyes, and she's just ruined them.


She has turned into a very dislikable character .