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Message of the film and the ending (spoilers)

What do people think the point or message of the film is? I view it as a satirical take on our current culture of social guilt, outward appearances, social media obsession, and lack of genuine social interactions. But it seems like there a lot of ideas thrown at the viewer at once here.

The ending of film lost me a bit. After his disastrous press conference, Christian is seen at his daughter's cheerleading competition, then goes to try and find the boy, knocks on one (apparently) random apartment and doesn't find the boy, then is in the car with his girls looking like dead eyed zombies. I guess the film had to end somewhere, but it almost seems like they didn't know how to end it (or I missed the point, which is entirely possible).


Yeah, that's where I"m at too.

I thought I had missed something

P.S. I love your name, I'm a big "Simpsons" fan.