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Not Great, Not Terrible.

It held my interest for the most part though because it was a Shamalan film, I did anticipate a twist which never came (I assumed the three girls would turn out to be nothing more than personalities and that the main girl who survived was behind it all due to her childhood trauma) but that twist never actually came.

Gotta say, ī think the film "Identity" was a lot better on this issue.

The ending was silly.


I agree the whole thing with the Beast was silly and so was all the crap the psychiatrist would spout about Dissociative Identity Disorder too. Plus I knew she was going to do something really dumb to get herself killed. But McAvoy was excellent in this movie and it had some good suspense too.

I'm trying to go for an engaging, funny youtube channel so, if you have the time, take a look. Hope you enjoy what you see. Thanks in advance. A review of the movie here-


I agree about the beast. I thought it was a little goofy. I do think the movie was well done and had great acting. But after all that the 2 girls got eaten. Not sure I love that ending.