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What was going on in this movie??

I didn't get it. Someone please explain it to me. Just give me the gist of it. Details are not needed (although much appreciated).




An abused and bullied boy from the 50s ran away to an abandoned town and was never found. A doctor's son hid in the septic tank of three people that were renovating an abandoned house and died. Apparently, the doctor's son's lost spirit awoke the boy's spirit from the 50s and he started haunting people; especially the bullies from the past.

The movie wasn't linear. When you were watching scenes with the three people renovating it was three years in the past, wherein the doctor's son first went missing.

There's lots of other little details (the affair after a stillbirth, the woman looked a lot like the 50s boy's mom), but that's the gist.


I've just put this on my to see list. So I found your explanation a good premonitory for when I get to see the movie.


It was an alright movie. A bit depressing. It's one of those to watch when you have patience and not a lot to, so you can keep up with the slow moving non-linear plot.