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I don't typically pan films

But I really want my hour and forty minutes back. This was really pointless.


There's no really good reason to watch this, a poorly told story that doesn't end well, characters with lack of common sense and morals (except of course to get the brother out and do a ton of stupid things in the process, including fooking with a lot of people as well as fooking some people up). Of course, the only reason they're having the problems they're having is because they rob a bank and fail at that.

So many parts of the story fall apart, from the radio shack robbery money (not related to the bank heist), the pop bottle supposedly full of acid (the drug) and assumed to be still pure after losing sight of it (not to mention giving WAY too much to the guard, which was another nice thing to do to someone you just beat the feck out of).

There are no characters to respect, look up to, or admire. This isn't a heist film because that would require a good / interesting / suspenseful and successful heist, with an interesting twist. They didn't deliver good justice / vengeance / due payback to anyone -- nobody here deserved the bad sh!t they were dealt.

This is just a bad movie about a bad night spent by a bunch of bad losers.

The only funny part is when Patterson's low-life character gives another low-life character a lecture on how much of a low-life he is.

Skip it. I give it a 4/10, points for having reasonably decent audio / visual production values, otherwise it would have been a lower score.


This was a deeply immersive story about a two-bit criminal fool who got in way over his head
I really enjoyed it and thought Pattinson and the supporting cast were great
Agree to disagree i suppose


I just watched it for the second time and loved every minute. Great movie and the soundtrack is badass. 9/10


I made a MovieChat account just to tell you that your review of this film is exactly how I felt about it, too. Nothing redeeming about it at all, other than I suppose the little progress we see out of Nick in the freaking credits. I liked the stylization, the colors in a lot of shots, and the music, but the story and the characters were just infuriating.