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[Spoilers] Impressed by the performances

Pattinson and Safdie did a great job playing the two brothers. The storyline was very engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed how the movie kept me guessing about what Connie would do based on the shakiness of his ethics: Sometimes showing his softer side, like with the old woman in the hospital and the dog, and sometimes showing his scummy side, as when he made out with the young girl and beat up the security guard.

I had a great time trying to track which of his harebrained schemes were going to blow up in his face. All in all, a very entertaining film.


I felt the exact same way. I think I had begun to actually like him in spite of myself when he assaulted the guard. From then on I hoped he’d fail, though I suppose getting away with it all was never a possibility. I think though that however much we like him is because of Pattinson’s acting.