Makes no sense...

So you send criminals into space on what would be multi billion dollar space crafts... to do some crucial science for Earth (discover if you can harness energy from a black hole or something?)... and then of course murder, rape and suicide happens because you actually sent degenerates into space?!?

Usually space missions are manned by extremely competent men and women in the top of their fields. Ok... so not everyone is going to put their hands up for a suicide mission but there are plenty of people willing to go on one way trips in the name of science and adventure who are not suicidal, raping murdering civilians...

What a trash premise in the first place. Even in a grim utopian world criminals would not be jettisoned on one way missions into space via billion dollar space ships, they would just be exterminated.

And so then one pilot ventures near a black hole and dies because they went to fast? And the two at the end go to a 'new place' because they took it slow? Lol...

And what about the doggo spaceship? Didn't these ships need a regular 24hr check in report to keep life support going?

"... this is Spot reporting.. .. all systems normal... crew are getting restless from lack of doggy treats end report " lol

Trash in trash out.


I agree. The whole thing was style over substance, emotion over reality - a very female film. That being said, some of the style and visual elements were really awesome at times, but the writing was just awful.

The dog ship was beyond ridiculous and that's where the film completely lost me. At that point I started to expect a complete bullshit ending and was not disappointed.

Like you said, none of it makes sense, but it seems like they flew to another black hole from the first one. But why? The girl talks about how it doesn't seem dense at all (a not dense black hole... right...), and this is all 15 or so years later. But how does the dog ship find them then? Do you have any idea how impossible it would be to send a ship to find another ship like that out all the possible space in the galaxy?

A few other obvious things I noticed:

- They are supposed to be heavily sedated, but only the main male character seems to be effected and everyone else is prone to violent outbursts.
- They apparently decelerate from 99% speed of light to "normal" by strapping into some chairs for a while (lol).
- They have solved all of these technical miracles but cosmic radiation had them stumped, that knifes through the ship like it's hot butter.
- The black man seemingly morphed into dirt in the garden. lol WTF?
- And did you notice that the space helmets had a cloth flap at the back (didn't seal the head), not to mention they were obviously just 90% made of fabric.

"Pretentious Mumblecore Trash" about sums it up (I also had no idea what they were saying half the time).


I noticed the sound was bad. You make good points.