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NOT an anthology series

So someone said I should check out Channel Zero.

It's a brilliant horror anthology series....'

I thought That's just up my street. I love horror and stuff like The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits - a different new story every week. Cool.

So I downloaded the first season, Six episode. Started watching the 'first' episode thinking it was a sole story on its own. I came to the end of it, I thought it was okay. Maybe 4/10 score. I got it. About a TV that tells people to kill, okay. Now onto the next story.

WHAT A SHOCK. The next episode was a continuation of the first story. The first part. All six episodes were about this sole story. What a bag of crap. On its own, the first episode could have told it in its entirety. No need for a further five episodes. So boring.


Every season is a different story = Anthology series.


That's not my idea of an anthology series. It's a different story every week.

Plus the fact the story in season one was stretched beyond belief. It was ONLY a one episode story.


In don't think I could have possibly imagined a weirder comment about this show.