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I got to say they missed a golden opportunity in the 4th episode to educate...

people that the British royal family doesn't live off the taxpayers, but a small part of the revenue generated by the Crown Estate that they turned over to government control in exchange for the civil list in perpetuity. After decades and decades of begging from Parliament to do so. After which of course, Parliament often mean-spiritedly pretended like the civil list was charity.

It actually pissed me off from a realism standpoint that they made it seem like they lived off the generosity of Parliament rather than income from the Crown Estate.

That's why the monarchy will never be abolished. Because of all the legal complications surrounding the Crown Estate that they would rightfully demand be returned. And even if the government stole it in a Marxist nationalization led by someone like Corbyn and a corrupt court ruled in the government's favor, they would still have to pay about the same, probably more with the usual government bureaucrats in charge, to maintain the royal properties. And that's after the biggest legal battle in British history where an unpopular Parliament would have to rally the public to the cause of breaking centuries of legal agreements and robbing Britain's royal family of their property and chattel.


There does seem to be a point of making them as unlikable as possible I agree. Philip comes across as rather pitiful at times. Regardless of the actual case, it was hard watching him bemoan the lack of pay and having to sell of a yacht as an example of how much they are suffering.


I understand, but Philip was arguing that they should receive a more significant portion of the revenue that the Crown Estate generates to reflect the rise in costs and inflation. I don't find that pathetic.

Philip was absolutely right that costs rise after 15 years. It would be the same if the monarchy was gone and the government was maintaining their properties and paying salaries to their huge staff on the same budget from going on two decades ago.

I don't know if it's intentional, but I thought the series made Wilson's anti-monarchist Cabinet, especially those two ugly women, look very unlikable as well when it comes to discussing finances for the royal family. They are members of a Cabinet in a constitutional monarchy, not a socialist dictatorship as they seem to believe.