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Another China pandering movie with Chinese investment.

Not as intense as Independence Day 2 propaganda pandering but mild enough to notice. You can tell because they in most cases bring in female Chinese actors to fill those roles.

That said, movie was also generic and mediocre at best imo.


-Billionaire 'white' Morris investor funds a undersea research facility yet all the secondary voice and text are Chinese yet they mostly speak English and only Mandarin sometimes when the Chinese actors talk amongst one another... wut? Most of the crew were non-Chinese as well.

-Portraying an American as the naïveté or idiot in the show where they try to speak Mandarin to a Chinese speaking person then messing it up and them laughing at him (always a guy). Take a look at Pacific Rim: Uprising for another moment of that same situation where the Chinese laugh at the dumb American. There are other Chinese invested movies that do this too but I can't recall them atm.

-The only funny parts was with dog (Yorkshire Terrier I think) that jumped into the water from the boat, swimming out to sea while making that bloop boop sound underwater as it paddled along with the megalodon shark closing in.

The other was Meiying (as Sophia Cai) giving sexual innuendos to Jonas Taylor that it's okay to do my mom moments. Rest was very miniscule 'heh' here and there or makes you want to roll your eyes.

-The beach where the megalodon was going to feast was a place in Thailand I think (forgot the name but I think Sayang or something) yet it was covered with Chinese tourists with bountiful of Chinese communist flags waving about.

-Morris mentioning he alerted officials of the escaped megalodon and only China decides to send 2 destroyers to find and kill it (even though that never happened since it was a ruse).

-Meiying saying there is something in the water when the shark attacks her mini-sub when it should've been obvious after the first 3 scientists that went down there go attacked by the very same thing yet she played it off as if it's her first time noticing something is out there in the murky dark waters.

-Megalodon only attacking very specific people when the stampede of swimmers tried swimming to shore (groups on floating mini-barges, guy in inflatable ball which would make the least amount of vibration).

-Stupid moment among the sea of other stupid moments in the movie where the pilot of the helicopter literally just stares at the shark instead of watching where he's flying and smashes into another TV news copter taking both of them down.

-Surprised the shark didn't jump out of the ocean to snatch the helicopter shooting at it or using semtex when they were flying so low but only when Janas Taylor stabs it in right eye.


Uhh... The beach was Sanya Beach, on the island of Hainan, and is a tropical paradise. Southernmost point of China, and is dotted with 5-star hotels. The tremendous number of people on the beach were just for the movie.

What other language would you expect them to speak in China? Balochi?

The setting was in the South China Sea- you gonna call in the Italian Navy to handle it?



Good response.


Only Skyscraper pandered to the Chinese audience more than this crap.


Sooooo...what are the prans to take over America, again? I forgoooooooot.


There's a billion Chinese. Not every movie can take place in NYC. I like these blockbusters with more of a global stage. The handling may be forced and investor driven, but they'll get better at that.