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Bumblebee Officially Confirmed to Reboot the Transformers Movies.

It's official: the Bumblebee movie is, in fact, a reboot of the Transformers film franchise.

it looks like Bumblebee is officially the start of a new Transformers movie series.

that means: Bayformers and the Bayverse is dead.


Apparently they got rid of some scenes/details from Bumblebee that linked it to the Bay ones. True or not, there wasn’t anything in the final film that heavily implied it was set in the Bayverse (not to me anyway). Hallelujah! :D

But who knows, maybe Hasbro and Paramount wanted to see what the reaction to this film was going to be before making an announcement like this. They could’ve still called it a prequel. Either way, I’m glad it is the start of a new franchise. Bumblebee was fantastic and a real fresh breath of air.


Well, just recently Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirmed that, along with a followup to Bumblebee, a sequel to The Last Knight is still in development. So Bumblebee may not be a complete reboot after all.

I wasn't a huge fan of The Last Knight, but I'm open for a continuation from where that film left off.


Do you really think a reboot would be any better you Assface...,🙄🙄🙄