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The first PROPER Transformers movie!

Saw this just now, and whilst I never really cared for the 1980s Transformers cartoon and the crappiness of the Bay movies, I actually really liked this one: it introduced the characters properly, the general gist of the conflict and what was at stake, and I actually LIKED the Transformers for once!

Yes, the movie has traces of the Bay movies, namely explosions, sexy girls and embarrassing parents, but this had so much more as well. I will happily jump on this Transformers bandwagon and hopefully new series of movies, just keep Bay away from directing them.

I just checked the RT scores for the entire Transformers movie franchise, and this is actually the first movie to be Certified Fresh, and not just Fresh. All the previous ones are "splats", as I call them. And curiously enough, whilst audiences liked the previous movies more than the critics, this one swings the balance the other way.

Hopefully this will do well, and this time I look forward to future instalments.


... so you're not a fan of transformers but you can lay claim to this movie as being the first proper one? Doesn't make much sense.

I enjoyed the film mostly.