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It was okay. Trailers were the whole movie.

The highlights of the movie were certainly the heaping doses of well executed 80s nostalgia and absolutely incredible Transformers effects and action. But if you've seen all the clips and trailers for this, you've seen the whole movie. The only surprises left were how Bee takes out the bad guys. A very gorgeous, colorful film with stock but solid characters who really wern't given much to say or do. The slow bits are a bit too slow and there's weird random scenes that don't flow very well. Showing up at a party and being challenged into a ridiculous stunt in the first 30 seconds of arrival is pretty absurd. Bee's having problems the whole movie until suddenly he isn't. Just because. Lots of that sort of thing going on. It was a little emotionally manipulative and leaned too heavily on 80s references to cheat us feeling things the story itself wasn't conveying. My theater was full of kids, families, single weirdos, couples, pretty much everything but old people. Everybody seemed to enjoy it. So they hit that broad range demo pretty good. I most blown away by Steinfeld. This is my first experience with anything she's done and this girl is all the right stuff. She's gonna be a huge star. Uneven film. But the first 5 minutes was worth the 8 bux.