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Rate + Rank All Transformers Films


Ranking The Transformers Franchise Films-
1. Transformers-9/10
2. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen-8.5/10
3. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon-8/10
4. Transformers: Age Of Extinction-7.5/10
5. Transformers: The Last Knight-5.5/10

IMO The First Transformers film is Underrated...Its the only film in The Franchise I really feel has a decent story and is an actually film, All The other films in The series I feel were literally written around The action sequences.

Dark Of The Moon Is an Odd film for me, I feel the first hour is almost unwatchable, But The Last Hour and A Half Is Probably IMO The greatest action ever put of film...

The Last Knight is One of the worst films ever made....There are no words to describe how awful it is

All In All I really in enjoy all the movies in the series except for TLK


Bumblebee - 10/10

Transformers 7/10

The rest


THIS! =)





Animated Transformers: The Movie from the 80's > all live action Michael Bay Transformers movies


Transformers the Movie - Im going to give this movie the edge just because of the Awesome Soundtrack. Also i kinda feels more like a Complete Tramformers movies in the sense it Stars more then just one 3 Transfromers and Takes place on Cybertron.

Bumblebee - Over a really good movie and better than any the Bayformers. Charlie Watson is far better than annoying Sam Witwicky

Bayformers 1-5 = All of these are pretty bad. Including the 2007 movie. Even tho i did find the movies slightly more watchable when Shia Labeouf left.



The rest are shit, I hear.