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5/10: Nostalgia and a hint of the future a tad too late.


Pure Pwnage the series was a long time ago and at the start it was ironic and sarcastic in most of the right places when it came to gaming as a lifestyle.
It set a high bar for a low budget production. The story soon derailed and I think lost to most.
This movie returns to its roots and is reminiscent of the early episodes, the characters are close to what they were even if the peaks aren't close to as high and vivid as they were. It is as if the reality of the lifestyle has dissipated from the actors lives. Though there are shorter tidbits where you can spot the enjoyment and recognition of living that life in the characters (you could say it's meta).

Instead of a fresh restart of the series this turns out to be a half measure resulting in nostalgia more than anything else.
That being said, if the quick wit and good writing that initially granted the attention they got returned and grew there is nothing stopping a comeback in 2016.

• It returns to its roots
• Large shots at Dreamhack (or similar, showing the community)
• Cinematography
• Captures the change of understanding gameplay for the generation of gamers (from a focus on individual skill to cooperation).

• Missing classical lines (atleast ONE new line should have been created)
• Missing comedical scenes and fresh hitting material
• Miranda Plant should/could had had a larger part.
• Script & partly dialogue

*Everything doesn't need to consistantly evolve and go larger, creating more "low key" quality content would in my opinion have been better.

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It was still better than AVGN the movie