A question

For those of you who have seen it did you expect you would be watching a masterpiece of cinema? I'm just about to watch it and I have no inkling that this in anyway will be a great film


I watched it to see if it was as bad as some say it is.

It's that man again!!


It seems more young people hated it and those of us who where not that old when Scary Movie and Don't be a Menace came out have probably grown with the humour and still enjoy Wayans humour and don't care that this is not a pot movie.

However if the younger kids these days check out the earlier movies they probably just expect it to be nothing but pot humour and come away disappointed.

I didn't think this movie was that bad, I laughed, and have never seen 50 shades of grey... The other thing is idiots are dismissing any parody film now and thinking the Wayans are the same guys behind Epic/Not another blah blah movie.

Do some research before you dismiss a film without seeing it or going into it not wanting to enjoy it for an excuse to rant about something.

I'm talking to you idiots who think scary movie 3 and 4 are by the same morons who made those 100 other "insert title here movie"... Look into it and see who you're confusing against who and figure out which one is which instead of confusing one for the other.


It's a comedy. I expected to laugh. I didn't. For the record, a comedy can be a masterpiece.