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5/10: Mildly amusing with some decent acting.


In short:
Nothing to remember but still not bad.
Classical (unoriginal) action/comedy and coming of age movie. It's similar to the forbidden kingdom (2008) and to a bunch of older movies of similar fashion. It's made with a "glimpse in the eye", aka not serious and takes itself lightly.

In longer:
Cinematography is quite good at times with some nice scenery as a backdrop (one example is about 50 minutes in when a sweeping shot across a stream while crossing it is done, though prematurely interrupted). The lead is up and down, quite a few times he misses the essence of the scene with a mile (overacting).
The storyline is underdeveloped and unpolished, the martial arts training is just silly (the timeline is basically none existant) and realism in those would have gone a long way towards a better movie (that includes having a lead that can act martial arts well).

• Budget
• Humor that actually does work a couple of times
• Bautista that just made a strong case for God of War being made.
• Cast (most of it)
• Overall production

• Leads acting
• Shots where the panning isn't used smoothly
• A few martial arts scenes could have been done better, as some of the crucial moments. Overall it was quite well made though and the slowish reaction was covered up by the angles and movement of the shots which made a clear difference (but should not have been needed in the first place).

End notes:
One of the martial arts scenes (somewhat near the end) obviously being inspired from a video on the web where 3 olympian fencing masters takes on 50 skilled fencers by applying relatively new (formally seen) gaming theory (post 2005) that did ad positively to the scene.

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