My review was deleted

So I am a little upset that my review to accompany my 1 star rating was deleted so I am reposting the gist of it here.

- This movie is a rehash of the trope of western loser goes to exotic land and becomes its greatest warrior, kills the bad guy and gets the princess.

- The geek manages to woo the princess by extolling the power of western consumerism when he tajes her shopping in a mall. Not kidding, this movie features a mall makeover montage.

- There is complete abandonment of internal movie logic here. No attempt to explain things. Literally the nerd goes from complete zero to hero after one kung fu lesson. One minute he is tripping over himself and running from high school bullies and the next he is leaping from bamboo trees like Chow Yun Fat in crouching tiger. Further, they have an all powerful time stopping wizard who can teleport himself AND OTHERS at will. Since all entire quest was to get the princess out of the fortress so she could be a figurehead for the army to fight, the movie makes no sense since the wizard could have done this at any time...and in fact, he ends up doing this.

- The attempts at humour was cringeworthy. The fact that the random WWF star that played the bad guy was probably the best actor should tell you how bad the acting in general was.


The film was incredibly cliched sure, but my biggest gripe was the overwhelming Disney feel to it punctuated with the dance scene in the credits *Facepalm*

Do think 1/10 is a tad harsh though! 1/10 should be reserved for those offensively bad movies like the Zombinator or the Sharknado films 😱

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