Why was Gwen in high school?


* Why didn’t MJ or Aunt May know that Fisk was a super villain?

* Why was Fisk stronger than Spider-Man?

* Why did none of the Spider-Men have any reaction to Gwen Stacy being alive?

* Why was there a USB port on the ceiling?



* I think Gwen went to high school because she had nothing else better to do
* No one really knows about Fisk. He is a 'legitimate businessman' in the eyes of most.
* Fisk is stronger than a normal human. He's not stronger than Spider-Man
* She doesn't look like the normal Gwen Stacy so I doubt there is any attachment to her
* to put the usb in there


She wanted to find Miles.

Nobody knows Fisk is a supervillain. He's a legitimate businessman in people's eyes. That's why he's not in jail.

He's not. Spider-man holds back in fights with him. Fisk killed the grown Spider-man because he was half dead anyways. And Miles struggled because he's still a kid and his powers and skills aren't ripe yet.

Because they know this isn't their Gwen. And there's no evidence that famous arc even happened in their universe.

Why is that important?


She wanted to find Miles by enrolling at his highschool and taking one class with him for ... reasons? That doesn’t make sense.

Peter Parker knew Fisk was a supervillain for years. Parker was open with both MJ and Aunt May about being Spider-Man. Why would he withhold Fisk’s identity as a supervillain from them?

Miles can crack a boulder with an accidental punch.

They know it isn’t their Gwen ... just like Peter B Parker knew Mary Jane wasn’t his version but mooned over her anyway? If the famous Gwen Stacy arc didn’t happen in any universe, it makes her character irrelevant in the film.

The ceiling of a cavernous room is an inconvenient place to put a USB port.


I guess you didn't pay that much attention to her origin in the movie. In her world Peter became the Lizard and she ended up having to kill him. Also she says at the end she is 19 years old so she is not highschool age. Just needed to find Miles so she posed as a student at Miles' school. It's not the worst plan anyone has had in a superhero movie.

Also about Kingpin and I don't know if it's how the Spider-Man who died in this movie thought, in the original comics Spider-Man and Daredevil both realize they can't take down Kingpin. Because then all the gangs in New York will go to war with each other all over the city to try and take his position resulting in innocent people dying.


The MJ knowing Fisk identity is a no brainer. First she doesn't know it was Kingpin who killed Peter. The only ones who know this are the bad guys, Miles and the other SpiderMan. None of them have told her until that point of time. Second, even if eventually she is told about Peter's killer, what is she going to do. She is without protection now, she have to keep his head down and pretend not to know anything because she could become a target. Imagine, she is invited to an event to commemorate Spider Man sponsored by Fisk and she refuses and starts calling Fisk a criminal. She is a dead woman. She had to play along and find some other way later. You know there will be a second movie...