Incredibly overrated...

Phil Lord is sometimes a genius.

Cloudy was great.

LEGO movie was fantastic.

Clone High was the aforementioned genius.


This is trash. Overrated trash.

The animation was awesome.

That’s it.

Writing, voice casting, story, all totally average or below.

Why on earth is this rated so highly?

Social justice? Just like Wonder Woman? Just like Black Panther?

I should’ve know it was useless because it’s barely breaking even at the box office...

What a waste of time.


Hehehehe. Hehehehe.

What celebrated and widely acclaimed film doesn’t get called overrated? You know this film has made it now!

But hey look, here’s another “grown ass man” expectedly and mandatorily moaning about social justice in today’s movies and world. Awww... aren’t you a special thing? Well, I’m sowwy but “tough” Aryan justice films just aren’t in demand these days other than by insular and limp dick incels venting on the internet and constantly crying about how everything is so politically correct these days (in other words, “why can’t we say asshole and bigoted things like we used to back in the good ol’ days with no consequences? Save us right wing gods!”). You know, for apparently being so anti-pc, youse big boys sure get offended to the extreme every time you see and hear things that aren’t, well, keeping things the way they used to be back in the “manly” days. The more diverse and inclusive the world gets, the more the big backwards boys like you say NO NO MOMMY! Lol.

Poor iceflakes. If only you lot could see how triggered and banal you sound with your anti-SJW drivel. Sure, y’all have a right to speak out against what challenges your views. But knowing where you folks are coming from, then let me tell you to simply keep rewatching and jackin’ it to 1915’s Birth of a Nation and mindless presidential speeches that speak directly to your heart. Let go of this Hollywood obsession because the more free thinking people over there are clearly not listening to you — and they shouldn’t. You see plenty of your preferred propaganda on FOX, the White House, hundreds of red pill channels, and even on local news (thanks to the Sinclair Broadcasting Group).

So why u mad Festus Rogan Shapiro? Hollywood has their problems but your types cannot stand the things Hollywood does that are actually good. You apparently hate the elite so why even bother with the non-regressive entertainment world, ya little schmuck ho.


I hope you are like 12 years old but seeing as how you are stuck on Birth of a Nation from 104 years ago indicates you are a grown manchild into kiddie comics. When you grow up you move past kiddie films and kiddie books and read big boy books without the pictures. What a sad life you must lead


Lmfao you liked Bumblebee so much you made it your profile pic and are calling other people childish WOW.

I remember when i had your enthusiasm for movies back when i was 5 years old going to see TMNT and Ghostbusters 2 in Theaters but i got over that crap before i turned 10.

Tell me what is it like to be a complete tool?


The 1990 TMNT is a fantastic movie, I enjoyed it more in adulthood when I could appreciate it more fully. Also TMNT shares a pedigree with the famous Shaw Bros. studio, which produced classic martial arts movies, and it was the most successful independent feature release in North American theaters for a long time.... I'm sure it's still near the top of that list.


I still love the original TMNT and Ghostbusters II now. I'm 35.

Both classic under-rated movies, and Ghostbusters II is one of the funniest sequels ever made, and it's unfairly disliked because it became a trend to bash on it, and people love bandwagons.

Ghostbusters II is hysterical.

Didn't mean to interrupt everyone's back and forth political bantering, but some things just need to be said. Leave Ghostbusters II out of it, haha.

Carry on with the generic liberals vs. conservatives debate. Be sure to use as many general stereotypes as you can to describe each side, and most of all, remember to never look at another point of view or find any common ground.

Have a good day.


I'm not saying TMNT and Ghostbusters 2 are crap. I'm saying i got over being a wide eyed fanboy of Hollywood movies before i hit a double digit age. I saw TMNT 3 in theater and that was it for me was never excited about going to see another movie with the exception of Freddy vs Jason

This guy is calling people childish for saying that this Spider-Man movie for Squeakers is overated while using his Bumblebee profile pic no doubt in that same level of wide eyed squeakerness i had going to see movies in 1990


I liked it.

A lot.

And I went in expecting very little.


Box office is fine. Just two weeks $150m global, budget $90m.

Metascore is 87 and imdb is 8.7. Looking at imdb's now-playing it's the highest rated, with the next three metascores in the low 70s. What makes Spidey-Verse so much better?


i won't speak for anyone but myself, of course, but i love this film, & right now have it slotted as my #1 of the 121 films i've seen that were released in 2018, & that has nothing to do with any daft social justice advocacy or anything silly like that.

spider-verse is the best attempt yet at bringing the spirit and feel of a comic book vision to film. you'll find chaykin-isms, kirby crackle, & the trippy wierdness of bill sienkiewicz's art in its animation, & if it was just that, if it was only getting by on looks alone, it would still be a great achievement. but it's a real story too. no other spiderman film to date has really captured the spirit of the character this one does. it's a movie with genuine heart, one that i think will ring true to every guy who loved the character as a kid & imagined what it would be like to be in that position. at the very least, it rang true to me.

if you don't dig it, then fair enough. i'm not out to change your mind, but i don't think there's anything too compelling in saying that all the people who say they like it are only doing so out of feeling that this movie is compensating for grievances of one sort or another. i doubt there's any reason to believe that, and i suspect that is just a bit of your own confirmation bias coming through in your reasoning.


I agree


Typical ill-equipped critic. Name-dropping movies, pulling the "social justice" card, and then talking about the box office scores to justify the opinion.


You don't see the irony of your post?


Nope. I must be stupid. Enlighten me.


You complain about him giving bad arguments, but that's the only thing you do, you gave zero counter arguments.


Oooh I didn't see the irony because there isn't any. There's no obligation to make a counterargument unless I make a claim. and I didn't. I just pointed out how his critique was shitty, and I explained why.