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Wow, just.... wow. Life Affirming Masterpiece.

This documentary really does reaffirm life and registers in a big way. Thanks to all the Gleason friends and family for sharing this with us.

I walked out of the cinema and made sure to take an extra look around at the sky itself and took a loooooong deep breath and remembered to thank God for ALL the big things in life. As anyone that has gone through anything like this with a loved one knows, there are NO small things in life. Everything is large and larger. The ability to walk, talk, think, breathe and live pain free are nothing to be taken for granted. This documentary perfectly reminds you of that and makes any other problems seem insignificant by comparison.

I was moved by the depth they cared to share with us from the humbling and frustrating personal hygiene issues to matters of faith. Watching Steve bare and carry this HEAVY cross and watching him and those around him suffer is certainly uncomfortable but also awe inspiring. As he stated, his soul is indeed saved and his sacrifice and true pain on every level being recorded is a testament to that salvation and his impact on others. What a terrible and sad cross to bare.

Same certainly can be said for his amazing and lovely wife, Michel. She may not want to be labeled as a saint but how else to describe her strength? She's as far way from "dick-face" as it gets! ;) Their journey and strength should make us all want to be better people and live stronger lives.


Why thank God for all the "big things" if God is not also responsible for ALS? Kinda hard to think of anything bigger than destroying a man's life like that.

You could argue that God gave Steve ALS so he could have a new purpose in life. But that's reductio ad absurdum since fighting ALS is only necessary because ALS exists. So why create it in the first place?