The Disney Channel Live Action Universe is the shared universe of many Disney Channel live action television shows created by many crossovers between shows and mentions of characters, etc. from one show in another.

The Disney Channel constantly cancels shows and replaces them with other shows. Any new Disney Channel series is not a part of the DCLAU and will never be until and unless there are crossovers and/or other links with previous DCLAU shows.

It seems to me that if the creators of a new Disney Channel series and/or their bosses want to make their series part of the DCLAU they could have characters watch a TV news segment about a child, Timmy, who has been missing in the woods near Moose Rump, Maine since 2015 when denied admission to Camp Kikiwakka by the owner, Gladys Swerengen, who disappeared in 2016 and is wanted for child endangerment.

And maybe they could watch a scene of Emma, Ravi, Xuri, and Lou being arrested for knowing for two years that Timmy was wandering alone in the woods without informing the authorities.