Was Google an flat screens around when GTA was launched?




In 1997 Google was 3 years old and not nearly as popular as the likes of Yahoo, and flatscreens cost about 1,400 quid and were only used by the rich.

By GTAIII, however, which I believe this movie is based around both were becoming mainstream, a lawyer at least would have a flat screen seeing as they have more cash than intelligence usually.

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The movie starts in 2002 just after the release of GTA Vice City (2002) and GTA III (2001) and a lot of the movie is concerned with incidents which took place between 2002 and the release of GTA San Andreas in 2004.

The filmmakers don't appear to have been overly concerned with attention to detail. Whilst LCD monitors have been around for quite a while, LED screens and LED TVs have not and there are goofs in the movie.

It's reported that Sony and Sharp introduced the first large screen in 1997 but it was too expensive for home viewers. The technology was abandoned in favor of cheaper plasma TVs and then LCD TVs. It's doubtful that the sets shown in the movie, a LG Flatron and a Panasonic Viera, were available in 2002.

Also in 2002-3 the fancy lawyers drive up in 2 Range Rover Sports. These were not produced until after 2005.


i have another goof question
was the game tmnt (the one based on the cg movie) out when that guy discovered hot coffe?


I don't want to be hypercritical of this because I found some of it interesting and it brought back some happy memories of playing GTA and various mods.

There are too many goofs to mention them all but another obvious example is YouTube. YouTube wasn't officially launched until November 2005. From what I can remember of the discovery of the Hot Coffee coding, it was reported in the press first and then details and links appeared on game sites.

Rockstar Games have called the BBC dramatization of their rise to fame "random, made up bol*****." It was obviously a low budget one-off TV production but some mention or filming could have been done in Scotland. Dramatic license and compressing events into a short time may excuse some of the goofs but there are just too many obvious errors and it destroys credibility of what could have formed the basis of a good movie.

In 2012 "Jacked" a well informed book by David Kushner was published and it's a good read for anyone interested in the real story of GTA and the events described in the movie.

Includes Get Carter (1971), Sam and Dan Houser, Dave Jones, DMA Design, Dundee, Edinburgh, Lemmings, Race 'n' Chase, Tomb Raider, Carmageddon, Max Clifford, New York, Take-Two, Rockstar Games, Jack Thompson, Jeremy Pope, Marc Fernandez, Heat (1995), 9/11, the hooker trick, Will and Josh Buckner, Jamie King, Doug Lowenstein, Devin Moore, hot coffee, Terry Donovan, Patrick Wildenborg and Barton Waterduck.


The map on the wall of their offices which was there from the beginning in 2002 was probably supposed to be that from GTA III. It is actually the map from GTA IV, which was not released until 2008.