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masters of doom would make a better movie

the guy that wrote the gta book also wrote masters of doom, about john carmack and john romero who went on to create Doom. that book is much better, has a more interesting story and more likeable characters than the gta one

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Good point, iD were game-changers as significant, if not more so, than Rockstar. Doom has a really significant place in my memories: I'll never forget taking it in to work, installing it on two networked machines, running the .exe file for the multi-player version, and seeing my machine connect to my colleague's over the way! First experience of deathmatch shooters, and it was awesome. All that around 20 Years ago, too....


iD changed the gaming world, Rockstar threatened the actual world, a big difference. I loved growing up with Doom and how Carmack and Romero were like the first rock stars of gaming, driving around in Ferraris and turning nerdy games conventions from monochrome 1-day shows to full colour weekend events.

This movie however is about how one of the most controversial games ever released also becaming the biggest selling, and that ruffled feathers all over the place and woke up the "Rap music promotes rape!" brigade of sheltered, Christian idiots.

Before long Rockstar was forced in to the position of defending video games, all video games. That was the changer.

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Totally. What an excellent read MoD is.