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'Stranger Things' Renewed by Netflix for Season 4

The streaming giant has handed out a fourth-season renewal to breakout hit Stranger Things and signed its creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, to a multiple-year film and TV overall deal that sources say is worth nine figures. The news arrives nearly three months after the third season of the streamer's 1980s-set sci-fi drama returned after more than a year off the proverbial air. A return date for season four has not yet been determined.

In the larger scheme of things, it's unclear if season four will be the last for Stranger Things as the Duffers have been open about the drama not being a long-running show. The duo have said over the years that they see it running for anywhere between four and six seasons.



Surprise, suprise!

Not really. While the announcement did come a little late, I doubt many people weren’t expecting the show to get another season.

Though I can only imagine the backlash Netflix would have gotten if they decided not to renew the show.


May the tradition of rinse and repeats continue !