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Do the Duffer Brothers not like pets?

At the end of season 1, we know the Byers' dog "died".
Season 2, Dustin lost his cat to Dart.
Season 3, all those rats/mice were flayed.

I don't remember that many pets dying in 80s films or TV shows, so I can't say this feels intentional. Do you think it's a weird coincidence, or do these guys not like pets/animals?


I wouldn't call wild rats "pets". There are people who make a living eradicating pets like that. The Mind Flayer just needed meat to build his monster out of, anything will do. It mashed up a bunch of the townsfolk later on so if the Duffers hate animals then they hate people at least as much. Humans (and their furry companions) die all the time in horror movies. None of them are actually harmed in real life though - as the end credits will tell you.