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OMG! So many questions!! *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

This movie left a lot of questions unanswered. I was looking for everything to be tied up in a bow at the end... but nothing like that happened.

1) Did James have anything to do with Gina's worsening vision (post-surgery)?
2) What was up with the sex scene on the train?
3) Why did James leave the auditorium after hearing Gina's song?
4) Who took the dog (Ginger) and why?
5) Did James die at the end?

Of course, I have many other questions... but will be satisfied with responses to the aforementioned for now.

I enjoyed the movie. Just wish I knew what was going on at the end... *sighs*

Enlighten me, somebody, please! Thanks!!


The story isn't straightforward, but these are my impressions re: your questions:

i. Yes. In the beginning, their relationship was very much based on her dependence on him. He truly loved her and that dynamic between them defined him. However, once she regained her vision she started to become more independent. He saw that his place in her world was shrinking and he was threatened by that. So he started diluting her drops with a mind to making her blind again.

ii. The actual scene made him uncomfortable because she was in charge...something he wasn't used to and didn't care for. I think he kept replaying the scene later on his tablet because he was meditating on the meaning of the interaction, trying to figure out if he liked this new relationship or not. Probably had mixed feelings about it. He seemed to trying to figure out her facial expressions.

iii. The words to the song... one that she composed... were about a relationship coming apart. She was looking right at him as she sang it, in effect, spelling out that she knew that they were coming undone and, by extension, that she knew of his role in sabotaging her recovery and getting rid of the dog.

For him, it was the final blow, the one that told him clearly they were done as a couple.

iv. From the letter that we hear via voiceover, James took the dog and tied it to a fence. He wasn't such a douchebag that he would deliberately kill the dog. He probably had a good idea that someone else would find the dog and adopt it. I was uncertain as to who found the dog and wrote the letter to her... it appeared to be someone who knew of her from the park, but not so close to her as to know her on a first name basis.

v. My wife and I discussed this and we both agreed that, yes, he did die at the end. Whether it was deliberate on his part or an accident wasn't clear to us.


It took awhile for this movie to get going, but once it did I really enjoyed it. As a photographer, I thought the imagery -- composition and colour -- was mesmerizing.

Neither one of them were the victim here... she was as much to blame for their failed relationship as he was. Once she re-gained her sight, she felt constrained by her husband... maybe even a little disappointed in him... and started to exert her independence. Her periodic expressions of discontent and her eventual infidelity bumped up against his need to keep her dependent on him to feel validated.

I loved that this movie has all sorts of shades of grey and I'm surprised it only rates 5.2 on IMDB.


thanks for your detailed reply, kabukiarmadillo.

yes, the movie was quite interesting, and is now even more so thanks to your explanations.

=) cheerio.


Thanks for the questions everyone and the answers. I actually; by the time it was over, liked the movie. I think the visuals were really good and the storyline was kind of interesting. I believe at the end she could see her baby although it wasn’t his and he knew it. I think she may have known it too. The only question I have is about how long she was blind seems like when they were little girls and did he marry her when she was blind? There were a lot of flashbacks and I was a little confused sometimes but I believe he was so distraught that he eventually probably got into an accident and died. Still am confused as far as who died exactly & not sure how she became blind? What exactly happened? It’s a shame that the movie did not make more money because I did look it up.

I wish we can rate movies on this site instead of IMDb because I’m not a member anymore because they don’t allow the message board. They’d get a lot more money for their stupid ads if they would bring back the message boards. What what a bunch of F***ing idiots!!


Yes she lost her sight in a car accident when she was a little girl and she was blind when James married her. After the surgery when she started to get her vision back she said to James that he looks different to what she imagined.

It was better than the imdb rating suggests, I liked it. I thought that it was going to be a thriller but it was much more of drama about a relationship falling apart.