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Whats the deal with this movie?

Can somebody tell me why this movie is hated by one side and loved by the others? Why is this movie propaganda? I'm not familiar with the turkish goverment, so could someone explain me whats going on?


I have read all the reviews of the film. Unfortunately, you're gonna have to find someone who liked the film to tell you why they liked the film because in general, the positive reviews just make no sense whatsoever.

I CAN, however, tell you the rest.

First, in the movie description, it admits to being propaganda. Also, according to the trivia, the Turkish National Television and Radio Company actually threatened to lay off their employees if they didn't watch the film. It is because of the propaganda that Turkish citizens found free tickets for the movie. I was able to watch it myself on YouTube. I can provide the link I used sometime tonight if you really want to watch it.

Now onto why it got the hate. It is a really hard film to follow if you can't speak Turkish because there was no subtitle option for me to use. I've watched another Turkish film that was actually available in English, and I've seen Hollywood movies have language availabilities such as Thai and Chinese, so I feel as if Kod Adi K.O.Z. could at least have had an English subtitle option. It also zooms out unnecessarily a LOT. The music is atrocious too for the most part.

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