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Even the Trailer is a Sick Piece of Trash

What the hell is with the misogynist violence in so many direct-to-video action flicks these days just absolutely wallow in the torture, rape and beating of young women? After reading about the movie in Videoscope, I decided to look up the trailer online. It starts off with idlyic scenes of Ferrigno's character with his young, sweet-faced daughter. But after that first 10 seconds we are "treated" to a horrific montage of his daughter being punched, gang-raped, beaten, and seemingly having her eyes gouged out. Just in the freaking trailer. I can't even imagine the level of sick violence purpotrated on this girl in the full movie.
This happened with the last Seagal movie I rented as well--I think it was absolution, which also started off with the torture and beating of a woman.

Seriously-- W T F? Is that entertainment? Are there really sick Fs out there who get off on this kind of stuff? Ferrigno should be ashamed.



There's more violence against men in the trailer, but I guess that's alright then.