hmm, looks good.

Looks good from what the trailer. Not playing in my area, but the trailer has the usual Johnnie To signature style: an angular formation of the characters (awkward description, but not sure how else to describe it), some slo-mo gunplay, and a few of his cast of regulars. Louis Koo from "Drug War", apparently was also in "Election" and "Triad Election" as well. Pretty sure that I saw Suet Lam make an appearance in the trailer.

For reference, the trailer that I saw was at


Yep, you got a good eye.
Johnnie To, always defying description in his choice of film genres and yet when you watch his films he has an unmistakable stylistic signatures all over.
Louis Koo is one charismatic screen presence.
And of course it wouldn't be To's film without Suet Lam.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down and a Wagging Finger of Shame