It might work as a serie

I two-cent deem it a decent little odd movie, whose plot and screenplay aren't necessarily half-baked: maybe it was willingly relying more on shots and music, as storytelling devices, than on dialogues and backstories. And, maybe, the filmakers don't want all the story spelt out, and rather left some things unsaid and subtextual. First example coming to mind: you can pick up from some details, like the F.E.A.R. knuckles tattoo, and the photo with a clearly wannabe-gangsta boyfriend, that Arlen, maybe coming from a nice family, but bored enough to feel the need to be "edgy" and get rebellious against rules, probably scored some petty law offenses as a teenager, and put herself in more troubles than she could manage and bear. Or maybe she did come from a broken/poor family, and that's why no one rescued her to be marked "Bad Batch". Anyway, there's a lot more to discover about the universe it's set in, and a TV serie starring the same core-characters, expanding the cast and the story to Comfort, the Cannibals, The Dream's past and motives, and to how things rushed to brand petty law offenders/illegal immigrants/psychiatric patients "Bad Batch", and throw all of them outside society, might turn out pretty interesting.