season 4 episode 12

Oh come on now,,,The girl is part of FDLS , the Warren Jeffs cult, and wants to leave...Ok, but she insists to go back in the dead of night, to get her bed and her belongings. She put 2 women, and 2 security officers at risk by letting them enter an area with extremists with shotguns. She met the people who were helping her during the day,,,why she didnt leave then is a bit far fetched since it was so dangerous to return at night.
Sigh, this is when I feel its too scripted. I get that she has always been sheltered, living under oppression, but the crew went there with cameras etc, at night, in the middle of nowhere. All for ratings? It loses its credibility and thats unfortunate because the 2 people who are helping , are themselves ex cult members, and escaped at age 14. This is the true part... The hyped up drama part, the next day reunion with the mother that fled years ago,,,, well, I am so not sure about those parts.