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Davey Webb - spoilers series 2

Forgive me if this was answered in series 3.

But if folks have just watched the first 80 episodes, I was wondering what everybody thought of Davey Webb's actions at the end?

--Did he act against McKay on orders from Laser? Because McKay had been getting way too close to shutting down his operation? (And would have without Paudge's information).

--Did he act solely on his own out of revenge after his sister's terrible injuries? Did he not blame Beady or Laser for that, but McKay for strong arming him into being an informer as McKay tried to keep Davey safe and get him away from Laser?

--Some third option? Like Beady had taken Davey under his wing, now, and after the confrontation with McKay in the alley, Beady decided he had to go? So he knew Davey had a motive for wanting revenge on McKay and tasked him with killing him?

The truly saddest one would be Davey just acting on his own, because McKay's meddling in his life caused his sister to be burned and his house fire bombed.

It's poignant that way, because McKay was not just trying to use him as an informant, he really and truly wanted him to have a better life. Which just wasn't in the cards.

The hint was when Davey kept getting off the train to safety in Western Ireland. I knew then, he was not going to end up in a good situation--that either Beady or Laser had gotten to him.