US Stream?

So I watched the first season via Amazon Prime US. The second season isn't posted yet. So I visited TV3 online but I'm blocked from viewing video.

I see TV3 Player is available via Roku but I'm reluctant to pay a nonrefundable subscription fee when I can't determine whether or not I will be able to view Red Rock.

Stupid cops, silly but dangerous criminals, an irrational feud, I can't believe I've gotten hooked on this show. Can someone tell me if I'll be able to continue to watch it in the US via Roku and TV3 Player?


I don't know the answer. I've been watching it via searching by 'Red Rock' for streaming links by S0xE0x number, which isn't exactly legitimate, though if it was available to rent (on dvd) I probably would. Totally hooked. If you do use this option, an adblocking browser is essential.


Don't bother trying to watch the TV3 player, the episodes you want won't be available, each episode spends 21 days on the TV3 player before they're taken down, the episodes you want to watch (anything past episode 44) are long gone.

Hope Amazon puts them up soon.


There are 80 episodes up and running on Amazon right now (U.S. Amazon anyway). This is the half-hour episode format, not the double episodes running on BBC One.

I have an Amazon Prime subscription, so all 80 are free to stream within that subscription.

By the way, Amazon lists it as "Season 1," but have actually posted all 80 episodes contained in the original Season 1 and 2 as shown on TV3 in Ireland. Not sure why.

Season 3 from Ireland is not yet up on Amazon. Fingers crossed it comes soon.