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The Future is now on the History Channel

I find it strange a loose/modern interpretation of the christian apocalypse is on the History Channel. The movie takes place in the not to distant future and takes a creative angle but the execution is pretty poor and it seemed very low budget for such a large undertaking.

My small problem with the film is how it encourages reading the bible pretty blatantly. Seems more like a slick way to peak a viewers interest about reading the bible which would inevitably lead one towards looking into Christianity. My largest problem is that the film seemingly chooses to completely ignore rational thought. Its always easier to give an irrational explanation for scary events or shocking phenomena. But all the events in the movie the storms, the pandemic, the war are all explainable events. Even if these events occurred like a a sequence it doesn't prove any sort of divine plan but rather demonstrates our natural lack of foresight. We compensate for our lack of foresight with prophecy. But prophecy is generally vague in nature and by our nature we try to explain the randomness and chaos and even vague generalizations to fit into our collective world view and thus make it true to ourselves. It also demonstrates how jarring and scary it is when something threatens our genetically encoded survival instinct. Quite plainly it would just be a very unfortunate and unlucky sequence.

That being said, if i heard the inception sound coming from the atmosphere I would be pretty terrified. But I wouldn't let that fear allow me to immediately draw the conclusion that its only explained by something supernatural.


The new head of the Discovery Channel, Rich Ross, announced that he was ending that network’s practice of showing fake documentaries. I hope The History Channel might take a cue from that.


The useless pos channel that still has the nerve to call itself HISTORY doesn't even show real "documentaries" ... just cheaply produced, "faked" Reality garbage....

If you deflect the topic of the thread from the show to me, our discussion is over


I have to agree. This looks to be much more suited for TBN, etc. I wonder if the producers, or History Channel executives, are big "Left Behind" fans.

They've left a few major departures from reality in the film. Minor SPOILER follows: The "Sixth Trumpet" sounds just before a helicopter attacks a safe house. I was under the impression these things were global events, not local air raid alarms?