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Christian Propaganda in a Found Footage Shell

I am giving "Revelation: End of Days" an extra star ONLY because I am a big fan of the "found footage" (aka "faux documentary") genre. I loved "Blair Witch" and "Cloverfield", and I think that "September Tapes" is one of the most underrated films of the new millenium. The style of "Revelation" is similar to "ST", but this couldnt be more blatant fundamentalist Christian propaganda if it were being broadcast on CBN, starring Kirk Cameron, and with a special cameo by Pat Robertson. The fact that History Channel produced it is rather odd. I know that they have had several "documentaries" that were very theologically biased to please the devout, but this is beyond even those. It is like Ed Wood cross-dressing as Leni Riefenstahl in a conservative Sunday suit. If that mental image frightens you, then definitely avoid watching this at all costs. :)



I am not a huge fan of the way they filmed it, didnt care much for the cloverfield-like style. But couldnt agree with you more that this is nothing more than some fundamentalist christian propaganda. You took the words right out of my mouth with the CBN broadcast with Kirk Cameron and Pat Robertson, might as well have been lol. Who watches garbage like this? I only ended up here because i woke up, said WTF is this, had to look it up and immediately found a post similar to what i was going to say about it