How else to film it?

with the premise, mainly, of two college or so age kids filming with a handheld camera, did you expect a smooth Scorcese type movie? they were running most of the time ... when they weren't running, riding in a car or sitting still, etc, the camera steadiness was fine ... if it was filmed with a steady-cam-rig it would have look excessively fake and hollywoodish ... how would that have worked better? it wouldn't have ... i understand that the shaky-cam can get a bit nauseating/air sickness-type feel but there was no other way to do it the way it was written ... the slick news broadcasts and presidential addresses and even the red-eagle-group cut-ins of the broadcasts were steady tho grainy which, of course, they would be ...

while you might not like the shaky-cam, it fit with the set-up of the script and situation ...

one legitimate gripe might be the one guy having to keep saying "Run Craig!" ... Craig obviously wasn't used to basic human reactions to gunfire and bombings and such lol ...

otherwise, the fiction (biblical)/fact(biblical) blending was as well done as I've seen sine perhaps "The Seventh Sign", that classic B-movie where we get to see Demi Moore naked and pregnant ... cool :P

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"One star in the sky
so I named it Otis Redding"
-- John Hiatt