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Feels like something was missing

I loved the new look and weaponry of Godzilla and poking fun at the government bureaucracy drew a few chuckles from me, but does anyone else feel like this film was missing a huge element of Godzilla and other kaiju movies?

Probably the most memorable images of Godzilla, at least when he's not fighting other monsters, is when he destroys the conventional military forces thrown against him. In 1954, we first see him use his fire on tanks. In 1984, we see him obliterate a harbor full of jet fighters, tanks and other armored vehicles with his fire and then topple a building on top of the Super X.

The Godzilla in this movie felt a lot more vulnerable. Yes, they showcased how bullets and missiles don't penetrate his skin, but he just stood there taking it like an innocent animal that had no idea what was going on. He didn't even fight back against the first attack against him. And when he did return fire against the stealth bombers, it seemed more like it was out of pain than anger. So, I almost felt pity for this version of Godzilla rather than being afraid of him. Instead of an epic battle against a godlike monster, it felt more like the humans were dealing with a beached whale.

Was that the goal here? I dunno, the tone of this film just had me scratching my head. I pretty much had the same problem with the 2014 American film. I'm still waiting for a proper modern "remake" of the dark 1954 film, in which, Godzilla is an unstoppable force of nature that elicits fear, in part, by showing how helpless the conventional military is against him.


By the time the military attacked godzilla was at full size (120m) and his armor was fully developed. Godzilla's non reaction was designed to show that godzilla wasn't even bothered by the bullets and tiny missles during the bombing all he did was close his eye lids which were armored showing even hitting him in the eyes was pretty useless.

I agree with you to some extent. The showa series of godzilla has a strong influence on modern godzilla retellings in that they don't want to villainize godzilla who was the innocent friend of man kind during the godzilla buddy showa era. All any one has to do is stay out of this godzillas way which is less scary then dealing with a non hostile godzilla that activly squashes and burns the population. I want to remember godzilla frying pedestrians in the streets that were in his way back in 1984. I miss both depictions of Godzilla.


This godzilla was more passive as he wasn't effected by the military at all. He didn't even know he was underattack when the apache aircraft was hitting him with their 30 mm. He did react to the bombs though and tossed a bridge. He diliberatly aimed at the stealth bombers when he shot them out of the airthough. True godzilla isn't shown being intentionally aggressive but he is plowing through the city destryoing people and property non the less. Godzilla is a force of nature that has no known intention. He just causes damage and theirs nothing the city can do is the theme of this movie.

People are supposed to fear this godzilla the same way you would fear a hurricane. You just kind of accept it and evacuate and hope your home isn't too damaged when you get back.