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Great movie but Ziggy is a walking heart attack

Great movie but Ziggy is on schedule for a heart attack from the hours, stress, and food. Surely Ziggy's wife must realize what's in store for them?

I've been to delis such as Carnegie that oversize the servings. Google "harold's deli" images for ridiculous servings (but true). It's fun at first to see those servings but we always walked out regretting those meals.

Such a shame because a corned beef or pastrami sandwich on rye from a traditional deli is an amazing taste treat but I have little interest in going back. I would just overeat!

All that aside, it was a great movie. Really good historical content. Obviously, the director did a lot of research (even trailed Ziggy to a gym and then flew to Hungary!? Wow!), invested a lot of time tracking people down, and spent a lot of time with them. Way too many jump cuts but that's a minor quibble.