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Opening Scene is the Highlight

Absolutely riveting opening. The cuts back and forth from the domestic scenes to the botched robbery were perfectly timed and immediately draw you in. Kudos to Joe Walker for stellar editing.

Unfortunately, the rest of the film (while solid) never lives up the promise of the opening. Veronica (Viola Davis) and Henry (Liam Neeson) have little chemistry as a couple, so that doesn't help. And there's several plotlines that could've been trimmed and would've made for a tighter film.

On the plus side, Elizabeth Debicki (Alice) and Daniel Kaluuya (Jatemme) turn in standout performances. Alice's mail order bride routine at the gun show was especially ingenious. Kaluuya's Jatemme was as cold-blooded and unfeeling as the worst South Side gangster.

Food in Films: Gotta be Alice eating an ice cream after leaving the gun show with a bag full of Glocks. Like a boss.