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So Thanos ultimately failed to wipe out 50%, but...

With all the chaos that clearly happened just after the snap, and the millions that would have died after the second snap, Thanos probably still managed to kill a good 5% of the population.


Yup, that's what I appreciated about the story - the snap had real consequences going forward. It didn't just get "undone" like Superman reversing the earth's rotation.

What's interesting is that Thanos may have actually achieved his underlying goal.

His whole purpose (he claims and appears to genuinely believe) is to preserve life by preventing it from using up all its limited resources.

His solution was to force population control onto intelligent life. He figured intelligent life would then appreciate the improved conditions with fewer consumers around. That's why he claimed (dubiously) that Gamora's planet was a "paradise" thanks to him killing half of her people.

But still ... maybe the intelligent life forms of the universe did notice some benefits to reduced population. Maybe they'll be more careful with population growth going forward, even after their lost trillions returned.

Just the same, I doubt Thanos would be proud. He's nuts and monomaniacal; likely he wouldn't accept any solution but his own.