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homages to non MCU movies (spoilers)

The way they go back in time in a circle - Timeline (the end with Cap was also similar to how TL ended)

Time travel interacting with previous movies/events - BTTF2, Terminator 5, Star Trek VII (had a similar plot to IW/EG with the villain successfully carrying out his universe ending plan despite Picard and Co and then the time travel reset/sacrifice death of the iconic lead)

time travel plot of altering the timeline after apocalyptic world ending event - XMen DOFP (also set 2023), Star Trek IV

reversing time to bring back the dead - Superman 1978, Masters of the Universe

Going back in time to grab the McGuffin to bring back to use in present - Star Trek IV

All powerful villain who wants to destroy humanity via timetravel – Star Trek First Contact, Star Trek 2009, T2 etc (also Thanos = XM: Apocalypse/Dark Phoenix)

Returning back the moment you left - BTTF, Star Trek IV

Tonys death/goodbye scene - very similar to Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder


-The depressing opening bore somewhat of a similarity to... Justice League (altho no doubt totally unintentional).. also the whole desire of bringing everyone back/reversing what happening was kind of similar to bringing back Superman in JL (plus Starks death to defeat unstoppable creature/Supermans death in BvS)


what else im missing stuff


End CGI battle scene - somewhat reminiscent of a LOTR end battle


The Russos are obviously Alien / Aliens fans.

In Infinity War, even with the reference by Peter Parker, when Ebony Maw is sucked into space, the shot of him "falling" away from the ship and freezing up - is the exact same shot as the Alien Queen in 'Aliens' falling from the airlock into space.

And then in Endgame, we get more Aliens references with Hawkeye when he's chased through the tunnels by the Outriders.
Not only are the tunnels lit with red like in Aliens, when Hawkeye fires the arrow down the tunnel, the shot of the Outriders crawling up towards him is almost exactly the same as the Aliens crawling towards the team in 'Aliens', complete with red lighting.




when Tony gets knocked out by 2012 Hulk slamming the door open then loses the stone - call back to BTTF2 Marty being knocked out by previous Marty slamming door open then losing the Almanac



I just realised that the Xmen DOFP future is also set in 2023!